About this website

You may have heard that food is a political and revolutionary act. Through actions such as stimulating family or local agriculture, organic production, care for the environment, and respect for the cultural habits of a territory and its population, it is possible to achieve this political dimension that is so often talked about. But it is important to remember that part of this responsibility should also be in the hands of the State, which, by guaranteeing food sovereignty, also guarantees health and quality of life for its people.

But have you ever wondered what actions involve the political dimension in the use of technologies?

The Dish of The Day website is an initiative that invites everyone to reflect on this issue and also provides alternatives so that you can adopt practices for a healthier use of technologies. It is an invitation to transform your relationship with digital media into a political and caring act, full of critical awareness, habits and choices that allow you to take care of your digital health and safety.

Digital food and care as affection and power

Feeding is part of our daily lives and goes far beyond satisfying a pleasure or a biological need, although these are very important dimensions if you can choose what you eat. Reducing damage to personal health and to the planet is directly linked to these choices: consuming less processed food, less saturated fat, less additives, opting for food that comes directly from the producer, grown without poisoning the land and water, local food that does not need to be transported over long distances, polluting the environment with the use of fuel, avoiding the use of GM seeds and the monopoly of the big companies and agribusiness conglomerates. And yet, we can talk about the dimension of care, when we cook our food daily and know how it is being prepared, what is really in that dish, we can transform our food into daily rituals of pleasure, creativity, attention, affection, and integral care for ourselves, our community, and the planet. There can and should be a lot of affection involved.

Just like food, our relationship with digital media involves different dimensions that go far beyond communications and leisure. There are many similarities between food and the use of technologies. We can (and should) think about the security of our personal and professional information, the security of our data, the guarantee of the right to privacy, of our autonomy, and, above all, the right to make choices, which can go far beyond what the big tech companies offer us and often condition us to.

When we talk about digital security, we often find great challenges, just like with food, however, there are ways to transform this relationship, such as making use of alternative technologies, which guarantee our security and do not steal our information, such as open source applications; stimulating and supporting technological development projects made in our country, valuing local knowledge and technologies; strengthening groups that defend digital rights and legal compliance by digital technology companies and the State; and among so many other ways to strengthen this chain of breaking the market logic, helping us to transform our personal relationship with technology into something healthier, enhancing networks and services that cherish and share the same values as ours.

We can also create daily rituals so that this relationship provides us with more pleasure, learning, and allows us to be in the digital environment in a safer, freer, fairer, and more autonomous way.

We invite you to get to know and enjoy each item on our digital care menu. Here in our restaurant you can trust what you are consuming and choose what you like best from our digital menu! Share with friends, family and loved ones!
The revolution can start on the plate and reach our cell phones and computers, but it doesn’t have to stop there! Enjoy your meal!