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“Mão na Massa” (Hands on): Guides and Manuals

Learn everything to get started with the KeepassXC key manager at:

Check all your emails (in use and old ones) on data leak services at:

If so, change the password of your email and of all the services you have registered, already take advantage of the creation of random keys for KeepassXC, with keys with at least 9 digits.
Note: Never put your password on any other service or site other than the one you are trying to access.

Here we have listed some guides and manuals to help you enable 2-factor authentication on: WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Signal and Telegram:

Two Factor Auth (2FA)
What is two-factor authentication and how to use it?

How to enable two-step verification in Telegram
Google 2-step verification

Two Factor Auth (2FA)

To pause your Google account’s location history: