SALAD: safe e-mails

Salads are very important for the proper functioning of the body, they bring us vitamins, proteins and minerals that are fundamental for our immune system. Here we will deal with secure e-mails with the same function, to protect us and the services we register with.

“Free” services make their profit by selling the data we provide when using the service to third parties. In this case, we and our wishes, are the product.

Using e-mail services that are transparent about the use of our data, that respect our privacy, and that traffic the information scrambled (encrypted) over the networks, is a small big step. We know it’s not easy to change the convenience of a Google account that already easily logs into everything, but this has consequences, if you don’t want to have your affections and desires captured by large companies that only aim to increase profits, consider migrating to one of the services below:


These services are maintained and offered by collectives and organizations that believe in and promote a free and open internet, acting against censorship and digital repression. By using them we are strengthening this service.

Remember to always be part of and collaborate with these networks and groups, either with voluntary work or donation.

Riseup also maintains an email list service for activists and community organizations.

To organize and manage your e-mail accounts and even create a GPG cryptographic key for your e-mails, we recommend using Thunderbird, this will make all the content of your e-mail shuffle up to the recipient of the message. Want to know more about email cryptographic keys in Thunderbird? Go to:


Have you read the privacy policy of the services you use? Compare them and make your decision:
‚ÄĘ Google Privacy Policy

‚ÄĘ Riseup Privacy Policy

‚ÄĘ ProtonMail Privacy Policy